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Our main company activity, is the repair of switch mode and linear power supply units, printed circuit board assemblies and many other types of electronic equipment.

We are recommended by American Power Conversion  - APC (previously known as Advance Power) and Farnell as one of their repair agents for obsolete and out of warranty power units. We have expert knowledge in the repair of most obsolete Advance/Farnell models and many others - please ask us for a quote. The only limitation we have is physical size and weight - any unit over 3kw or 30kg in weight, please contact us before sending the item for repair, and we no longer repair 3phase power supplies (single phase units only).

Some of the popular Advance Farnell power supplies we repair on a regular basis include the F2705, F2682, F2844, F2751, F2905, G600 & GS600 range, MG and MMG range, RECTIFIER 160 & 164, P350, PD350 and P500 range, G30, G60, G120, G240, G360, GCS400, MG300. We also repair both modern and older BT/GPO rectifier units of various types.

Such is our expertise, that we are able to repair most power units - even without the original manufacturers specification and diagrams. In addition to this, we are often able to supply replacement power units where yours may be beyond repair - say for instance, that the parts are no longer available or obsolete. Our on-line shop contains a selection of obsolete units and parts currently in stock. Many of our stock components are those hard to find obsolete items, but these are obviously limited in quantity.

As well as switch mode power units, we also specialise in the repair of Little Sister steriliser circuit boards. These include the older LS2, LS3 and SES2000 boards, and already repair these for many clients.

Fees vary depending on your item and severity of damage. Some items that we repair on a regular basis, have fixed fees. If we can't repair your power supply or circuit board, then there is no charge. All we do ask is you cover the cost of returning the item - unless of course you decide to scrap the item when there is no charge whatsoever.

If you have a power supply or circuit board you need servicing or repairing, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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Contact Information

Address: Electronic Repair Centre Ltd, 18 Heathfield, Mirfield, WF14 9BJ, UK

Telephone: 08456 49 48 47

Fax: 08456 49 39 29

Office hours are 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Closed weekends and bank holidays.

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Electronic Repair Centre Ltd, 18 Heathfield, Mirfield, WF14 9BJ - Tel: 08456 49 48 47 email: webcontact (at) electronicrepair.org.uk