Service and Rates

Fees vary depending on your item and severity of damage. Some items that we repair on a regular basis, have fixed fees. If we can't repair your power supply or circuit board, then there is no charge. All we do ask is you cover the cost of returning the item - unless of course you decide to scrap the item when there is no charge whatsoever.


The cost depends on the type of equipment, price and availability of parts, and the time taken to effect the repair.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and likely costs, but generally we will have to assess your equipment before final quote can be given.


We operate a simple repair loop. You send your equipment for repair/evaluation. We contact you with the price and return courier cost of the repair. Once we have your approval, we repair the equipment and send our invoice. You can pay by BACS, credit/debit card either by following the link in your emailed invoice, or give us a call and pay over the phone. Once payment has been received, your item is returned or made ready for collection. If you have pre-arranged credit facilities, then the item will be posted back when repair is completed.